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Upon graduating with her Bachelor of Nursing, Kimber went straight to the Emergency Department in a Trauma 1 Centre to practice. Although she loved her time there, she knew it wasn’t going to be home for long. Since she was little, she always understood that she was, and is inherently creative. At the time, it was something she never considered to be an overly admirable trait. She counteracted this by continuously trying to grow her opposing weaknesses. It wasn’t until she discovered this line of work that she began to embrace those strengths and unexpectedly thrived from it. Starting with working for one of the best plastic surgeons in the U.S., she quickly became enthralled with this elusive industry. She felt as though it was the only area in nursing where she could utilize that creativity as it came naturally for her and she was undebiably good at it.


After a few years of watching, learning and slowly building up clientele at a dental office, Kimber then decided to launch her business, Frida Beauty Bar, in July, 2017. With hard work, love and support from family and friends, Frida became Kimber’s dream come true. Overwhelmed with how successful the first location was in its first year of opening, she knew that she had to expand the practice. Countless hours of design, creativity, and marketing, paved the way for the making of Frida 2. Frida 2 opened in January of 2019, only a short year and a half after the birth of her first passion project.

We got the chance to have a cheeky Q&A with our favourite boss babe to ask her some questions about her entrepreneurial path.



how would you describe your success with Frida?

a: “I would describe it as a constant hunger to offer the ULTIMATE client experience, and always feeling like I could do better. My mantra is to never celebrate too soon. I will be working until the day I die to perfect our providers’ crafts and perfect my clients’ outcomes. I think this mentality can be discouraging and motivating at the same time.”


q: how do you view this company?

a: “I view this company as one that would NEVER survive without the passion of the people within it and the commitment of our clientele. I view this company as one filled with people who never take themselves too seriously but always take their job seriously. The people are the heart of every company. You can have the most phenomenal products, but without the magicians to use and deliver them, you have nothing.”


q: what has been something you struggled with and overcome?

a: “My ADHD. I have always been a creative brain, but never one who could put it all together. My brain feels like it’s just a bunch of loose circuits that are disconnected and chaotic. I always felt like I had these insane ideas, and I would get halfway through them and get distracted by another idea. I can honestly say - with the utmost certainty - I would NEVER, never ever, ever, never be able to do even a 10th of what I have, without the millions of cheerleaders and executors in my corner. Who are judgment free and believe in me. And who excel where I suffer. So, this may not be something that I necessarily overcame, but I figured out my strengths and weaknesses and came to terms with the fact that I can’t do this alone and NEED other people on my team. And I think together, that team is a powerhouse.”


Kimber and the Frida team can testify that all of this would not be possible without our amazing clients - for putting their trust in the company and their continuous, unwavering support.

We love you all endlessly.

Kimber Leavitt

Medical Esthetics Beauty Bar offering medical facials, Botox and dermal filler for facial restoration and rejuvenation.